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Thursday, November 4, 2010

MSG Kevin Johnson

I had a rather lengthy blog that I was going to post today. I was just putting the final touches on it when I received an e-mail informing me of some very sad news.

Master Sergeant Kevin Johnson, who appears in our video, passed away last night.

I've written before about Heroes. Kevin is my hero. He was an ordinary guy who did extraordinary things. He was humble, mild, gracious, polite, caring, fun, understanding... and I will miss him terribly.

Please join me in a moment of reflection and empathy for Kevin and his loved ones. And please, honor his memory and his service.


  1. He was an amazing Man...dedicated Soldier. I worked with him in the WA NG. Will be missed. A true hero who saw the best and worst in this world. God Bless Master Sergeant Kevin Johnson.


  2. Thank you for honoring Kevin's memory. He was our very good friend and neighbor and we miss him very much. We remember how proud he was to work on this video. And we appreciate being able to see him in it now.
    Loren and Denise

  3. So sad to hear this news. I just discovered your video and blog from a Facebook post today. Thank you all who are currently serving, who have served, and who are left behind at home from those you love that are serving. We appreciate you. :) Janis

  4. I didn't know MSG Kevin Johnson, however I feel compelled to write a moment of condolences. To thank his family for MSG Johnson's service. To send a note to his family, and give heartfelt sympathy. I truly appreciate our troops service. I think about their sacrifice everyday. I thank them in my heart everyday for perserving our freedom. To the Johnson family, please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

    Madonna Schaeffer
    Buffalo, New York

  5. Kevin and I have been freinds for almost 20 years. He taught me about being a good soldier and a good leader. I miss him and think about him almost every day. Thanks for everything Kev, I love you.



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